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Vehicle Technology

The branch in Vehicle Technology is closely intertwined with the county laboratory HiMech, addressing the development of innovative solutions in the automotive field. Particular attention will be paid to the two main areas constituting the vehicle, namely the engine and the frame.
Concerning the engine topic, the main research themes address the thermal and structural analysis of the mechanical components, where the interactions between the two aspects plays a major part. Moving to the frame topic, the modelling of the frame deformability of the suspensions, and of the response of the frame to road undulations constitute topics of great interest for the School.

Additional themes are dynamic problems, with particular regard to crash aspects. The Engineering Faculty  is directly involved in a series of technical-scientific enterprises with leading local industries, which have spurred the growth of an automotive tradition within the University.

In fact, the student will have a chance to come into close contact with local automotive industries. As a result, the student will have a chance to become familiar with sophisticated software tools as well as with innovative analytical approaches. 
An additional stimulus comes from Formula Student active in Modena Faculty of Engineering, who took part to various editions of this competition with good results.
The students may take part to the design of the next Formula Student car.

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