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Research Areas

The main aim of the doctorate school is to increase the specialised knowledge mainly in the engineering field. The employment of the most advanced and updated numerical, experimental and analytic techniques will promote the connection with important industrial environments and with design and research and development fieldsAs a consequence, it will become easy for a doctor to get a job within this environment.

Such positive expectations are reinforced by the observation that various doctors have already easily got a job within the local industries, which appear to be interested in offering a job to engineers possessing a high degree of technical knowledge.

The multi-faced industrial environment of the territory, ranging from industries in the cloth and tile field, in the biomedical field, in oleodynamics, in engine production, has already appreciated the interdisciplinary knowledge of the doctors of the engineering faculty of Modena.
In fact, the particularly sparkling technical-industrial environment requires that highly specialised personnel is employed in the above fields, and also in the legal and patent fields, as required by the need to safeguard the industrial properties of the patents.

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