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High Mechanics and Automotive Design & Technology

This school aims at becoming a reference school with regard to the research activities connected to the advanced mechanics district (HiMech), as stated in the convention signed between MIUR and Emilia Romagna county.

Concerning the formation activity, it is aimed to form system engineers, particularly suitable for solving the typical problems faced by the industries of the territory. Within the framework of the formation, it is planned to organise a doctorate school, constituting the final level of technical knowledge, which will be strongly intertwined with SIMECH lab and, more generally, with the advanced mechanics district.

(PRRIITT - Bando misura 3.4 azione A - Progetto SIMECH, n.ro 7)

The research themes considered fall within the area of Mechanical Engineering, of Materials Engineering, and legal aspects, and they include both professional
and basic aspects related with the design of machines and implants, with particular regard to expertise in the fields of thermodynamics, structural and technological and functional engineering, and to the thermal and structural optimization of machines.

In addition, aspects will be considered of design and mechanical characterization of advanced and innovative materials, of modelling of mechanical problems,
and of legal aspects, with particular regard to patent problems.

Particular attention will be paid to the study of internal combustion engines, as well to the analysis of thermal and structural aspects dealing with the various engine components, in close connection with important industries of the territory.


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